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Reliable backup power is an important priority for any organization. If you need to rent a generator in Oklahoma, West Texas or the Texas Panhandle, Warren CAT can match you with the best equipment for your needs. We have one of the largest inventories of diesel, natural gas and biofuel generators for rent in the region, and all of our equipment is well-maintained and ready to use in any application.

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Reliable Generator Rentals for All Applications

Our rental fleet includes generators ranging in size from 7 to 2000 kW. Individual units can be trailer- or skid-mounted to facilitate delivery to job sites throughout our service area.

The Warren CAT team has extensive experience supplying portable rental generators for a number of different applications and clients. We can help you choose the best solution for:

  • Powering, lighting and/or heating a concert, fair or other outdoor event
  • Providing backup power at a remote construction site or other job site
  • Keeping emergency crews working around-the-clock in a disaster relief scenario
  • Keeping a manufacturing or other industrial facility working at full capacity when regular power equipment is down for repairs or maintenance

Our products are available for rent by the day, the week or the month. Often, a long-term rental can be an economical alternative to buying outright, as it doesn’t require committing to a lease. Speak to a representative directly about rent-to-own and other financing opportunities.

Our Generator Rental Fleet

All of the machines in our rental fleet feature low hours and come equipped with all the hardware and accessories you’ll need to get up and running quickly. As an authorized Cat® dealer, we’re the only rental store in our area to carry the legendary manufacturer’s latest and most advanced machines, and to back up everything we do with factory-authorized service support.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, there’s a good chance we can source it from one of our dealer partners, or recommend a suitable alternative. Our current rental generator fleet includes:

  • Portable diesel generators in a range of sizes and configurations. All portable diesel units are self-contained for easy transport and are available with 65.9 dbA sound attenuated XQ modules, utility-grade switchgear and other advanced features.
  • Natural gas generators capable of delivering anywhere between 45 and 1475 kW of prime power. Powered by Cat industrial engines, our natural gas generators are known for their reliability, low operating costs and exceptional flexibility.
  • Flare gas generators for oil and gas production and other applications. Over 100 MW of power and include everything you need to start generating renewable electricity in your operation. Contact a representative directly for detailed product specs.

In addition to great equipment, we provide the expert advice you need to make an informed rental decision. Our team is happy to offer detailed consultations for all our clients, in which we will assess your power needs and your budget, and recommend a package that keeps you running reliably for a low cost.

Why Rent Cat Generators?

Cat generators are an excellent choice for practically any industrial application. Your choice of rental power equipment from Warren CAT is one that will deliver:

  • Reliability: Cat equipment is known for its long-term reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. Cat equipment will get the job done whether you’re working in a remote environment or in a mission-critical application.
  • Low operating costs: Keeping costs down is another important consideration when renting a generator. Powered by Cat industrial engines, our rental generators have been engineered for superior efficiency and maximum uptime, so your operation can stay profitable and productive.
  • Serviceability: Cat gen sets feature accessible components and minimal ongoing service requirements when installed and operated properly. Though you’re unlikely to require service for a short-term rental, if you need your unit for a longer period of time, Cat equipment ensures that required maintenance won’t eat into your productivity or your budget.
  • Regulatory compliance: All Cat diesel generators available for rent from Warren CAT meet the latest EPA emissions standards. Attenuated enclosures also help ensure compliance with most noise bylaws when working in a residential area.

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